Why Women Should Invest In Themselves

Why Women Should Invest In Themselves

Many women choose not to invest in themselves instead choosing to invest in others. This is not always a conscious choice, it is more something that is ingrained. Since time began women have always been the care givers ensuring everyone else is ok before themselves and even now in this day and age many women still feel this is their duty.

There are many ways to invest in yourself but not everyone will realise they are doing so. Joining a dance class, taking piano lessons, cookery classes; in fact joining any class, all these are ways to invest in yourself. Then there is also seeking the services of a professional life coach; someone who will support, encourage and help you to invest in yourself. Sometimes however it isn’t as simple as this.

Women intrinsically feel that they should seek the approval of others that it is ok to invest in themselves and are never sure that it is the right time. They often are scared they’ll achieve success and feel any money spent should not be invested in themselves but in others. There are however many benefits to investing in oneself when you are a woman, not only to yourself but to those around you.

Women who invest in themselves will:
• Teach other people how to treat them by the way they treat themselves
• Truly be able to take care of others needs because their own are taken care of first
• Be more emotionally stable as they don’t attach expectation
• Care more about their own opinion than others
• Be kinder to others because they are kinder to themselves
• Not need anyone’s approval because they have their own
• Understand changing the world starts with changing yourself
• Know healthy habits are a lifestyle rather than a remedy
• Know when things aren’t right for them

And most importantly:
• Know that investing in oneself means that others will invest in them