Isis Smalls Testistomianal

Isis S.

With Rhonda Geddis as your executive or life coach, you will not lose. Partnering with Rhonda will bring about “wins” not just when you arrive, but all along the journey to your destination. Her personalized feedback enlarged my vision of what it meant to dream big in my career transition. She assisted me in discovering… 

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Joi S. Testimonial

Joi S.

In September of 2014 I was a soon to be college graduate on the hunt for a job like many of my peers; with an impending December deadline fast approaching. After two years of community college, four years in the Air Force, a year of inside sales, and another two years at the university, I… 

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Sharron M Tutorial

Sharron M.

In a world gone awry with the power of miscommunication, there is truly only one word to describe the work, world, and life of Rhonda Geddis. Incredible! A woman endowed with an array of gifts destined to positively impact the lives of multitudes, Ms. Geddis walks unafraid into the corridors where decisions she helps mould… 

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Jackie B. Tutorial

Jackie B.

Rhonda has been instrumental in my personal development. Through her coaching, I gained the confidence and motivation to move forward in my career. Her ability to ask clear and precise questions helped steer my path. I am forever grateful for her selfless attitude and eagerness to help others succeed. —Jackie B.

Tasha B. Testimonial

Tasha B.

Rhonda Geddis is a professional and personal development coach who brings extensive “real world” business experience, leadership, professional training, and knowledge to the table. She specializes in strategic professional, spiritual and life planning skills; by using a dynamic collaborative approach to facilitate conscious growth and transformation. Rhonda has worked with a variety of personal backgrounds… 

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