Who is Rhonda Geddis?

Rhonda GeddisRhonda Geddis is the Pathfinder. She can see what is possible in you and your organization. With her experience and exclusive ALIGN change mastery program, she helps you discover the way to reach your goals.

Ms. Geddis has been certified as an executive and business coach, but that has only confirmed the calling she’s always had: to help you find the path to your passion and purpose.

Ms. Geddis expressed this calling while she was a university Dean and Registrar where she was able to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate during a time of major life transition. This inevitably led to her work with high-performance individuals and organizations who are looking to breakthrough obstacles to realize their ambitions.

You might be in a place where you’re ready to make a detour in your life or your business. Or perhaps circumstances are forcing you to transition out of the old and familiar. Do you have the inner strength to find your way?

While never claiming to have all the answers, what Ms. Geddis has is the unwavering confidence that you have the key to finding the right course to reach your goals. She developed her ALIGN program to help reveal to you the surest course to find your purpose and to achieve your goals. The process is customized to your needs and the needs of your business.

Ms. Geddis works with various organizations in moving to their next level. Her clientele has included corporate, educational and religious organizations seeking solutions destined to lead them to a new path of influence on both national and international platforms. While she was a senior executive for major technology firms, she was recognized as a source of growth and catalyst for change. She develops leaders because she understands that individuals are key to evolution. Fortunately, Ms. Geddis can help her clients choose the right road during these times of transition because her training as a coach affords others the benefit of lessons learned through genuine experience. Even corporate cultural change requires attention to the human element.

Recognized as a Leader of Leader in corporate America, Rhonda Geddis utilizes her proprietary ALIGN program to propel personal clients and their organizations into arenas reserved for the successful elite. Vision casting most often elicits a cascade of ideas for personal and cultural changes that transform lives and catapult organizations into their rightful positions as industry leaders.

Ms. Geddis is a dynamic speaker. Her most requested keynote topics at corporations, conferences, colleges and churches include:

Can You Have It All And Remain Sane?

This topic could never be “too done”. We all have a myriad of responsibilities – at home, at work, with family – it’s all so much. And while you might just be Superwoman or Superman, how do you remain balanced, prioritize your obligations and commitments while still being a happy and whole you? Let’s dig deep and dive in on the subject of work/life balance and how to set boundaries that allow you to juggle with grace.

How To Become a High Performance and High Function organization

Utilizing a proprietary 5 step process, this program dives deep into the culture of corporations, developing the platform for change and how to cascade the message out to the entire organization while building out the cultural change strategy.

What Will It Take To Be The Better And Best You?

There is a better and best you out there. The current you is great, but let’s build on what you have and walk through a dreaming big session as we build the bridge to the best you ever. You cannot dream too big for your life. No limits. No boundaries. Just your talents, skills and gifts magnified as you transform into the bold, brave and confident new you

Planning Your Next Steps Before It Happens To You

Corporate downsizing and layoffs is now a way of life. It also may be a net you think you could never get caught in, but are you sure? And should you be preparing for a possible shift in the corporate focus? We will explore how to best protect yourself in a downsizing economy and positioning your skills for greater opportunities.

Empowering Women To Build On Their Inherent Talents While Cultivating Their Gifts

This interactive presentation focuses on the empowerment of women while building up the self-esteem of the participants. Women are often not given their due credit for being the vibrant, intelligent beings, created to lead, nurture and build. During this session, Rhonda will share stories of her career path, life experiences and how growing up in the household of a church pastor all positively and humorously contributed to the person she has become.

Should I Go Or Should I Stay?

This session deals with decisions that often arise in the life of women every day. Women have a tendency to stay in a career, relationship, friendship or organization without fully exploring additional options available to them. Should I stick with my current job or is there something better out there that I should explore? Is being a member of this organization too taxing on my limited personal time or should I reprioritize my activities? Let’s learn the steps in making the best decisions for your life.

Midlife And Mid-career Transitions And The Strategic Process to Determine Your Next Moves

Learn the strategic steps you have to have in place as you transition from one stage of your career to the next. Protect your knowledge capital as you set career goals. In addition, this session dives deep into the area downsizing in the corporate world and how to best protect and prepare yourself should you find yourself in that situation

Utilizing Your Past Experiences To Build Your Amazing Future. Don’t Get Stuck In The Past

We all have a past and our past can propel us into the future or leave you stuck without forward movement. Glancing into your past to be mindful where you have come from is helpful, but consistent and continual forward movement is essential. Let’s explore the balance between the two eras and how to best capitalize on lessons learned.

Rhonda Geddis has a gift for clearing away the things that obstruct your vision. From one on one and group coaching to deploying a corporate cultural change management program, Rhonda offers online and in person seminars, teleseminars and is available for speaking engagements. Please contact her at here or follow her on twitter @rhondageddis for more information.

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