Living for the Likes

In this age driven by social media, we have gone back to grade school and seem obsessed with popularity. While amassing followers on the various forms of social media can drive business, raise awareness, promote important causes and even increase revenue don’t let the “like” button drive your behavior or cause you to compromise your message or purpose.

I’ve heard of people, young and old, taking down and putting up new pictures of themselves because the newest pic didn’t get enough “likes”. Seriously? You will allow the click of a button or the lack there of to define you, cause you to make unnecessary changes or even determine the mood of the day, based on “likes”? You are so much more.

Don’t get it twisted. Deep down we all want to be liked, but being liked on social media isn’t real. You know that right? The older I get, the less concerned I am about being liked and instead I need to be respected and fulfilling my purpose. My hearts desire is to be a great contributor to the betterment of this world and be a thought leader in moving the “dial of life” from good to great.

I’m not living for the pats on the back, the accolades, the glory or the awards, though they are nice. I’m not living to please anyone so I can get something in return. I’m not on this earth to be low key, not contributing to the betterment of mankind. And I most certainly am not living for the likes.

I live to make a difference. I live to lead change. I live to equip people with tools and abilities to turn around their lives and move corporate cultural situations from bad or mediocre to good. I live to tell the story and inspire others to do the same. I live to fulfill my calling and purpose. I live to make a difference.

I most certainly, unequivocally am NOT living for the likes.


  1. Let’s get back, to reality. I agree, I don’t think people realize,those likes are not real. Inspiring message for the day.

  2. A dose of truth, and the truth shall make us free right. Likes never made anyone more successful, the quality of your work and service is key. Love this blog.