Define yourself

You absolutely do not define me!!! Saying that out loud just makes me shake my head and laugh. Its so liberating to say and live. Try it yourself. Go ahead.

I don’t remember what year it was when I finally realized that I was not only a REAL adult, but had the power to live, walk, thrive and survive the way I wanted and in accordance with what was meant to be for me. I was a pretty good kid, not getting into much trouble, following the rules, fairly obedient. For years I let others define who I was, what I would become and where I was going. Then reality hit. I was in control of my life and choices. I could live with and survive in the choices I’ve made. My sense of self became stronger, I started to not only hear my inner voice, but I listened and followed through. I understood more about my calling, purpose and the direction to walk in that would fulfill my passion in life . I found out that I knew more than I thought, but didn’t have all the answers and I was ok with that revelation. And the more I listened to that inner voice, I came to realize that I was prepared and destined for great things. My destiny was planned and the script has been written. No one else can define who I am, where I am going and what I can accomplish. You do not define me. My future has already been proclaimed and I intend to walk into my purpose.

So I encourage you to break out of the mold or perceived restraints on your life and go define yourself. Define where you are headed, what you want to do, the message you want to share and the influence you will invoke. Stand boldly and declare that you will define yourself.