What is the legacy you will leave behind?

Or if you want it put another way – what will you be known for? The topic of legacy has been with me for a few years and I have had various opportunities to share my thoughts, beliefs and aha moments on the subject. I think one’s legacy is extremely important. While it’s impressive when parents are able and have made provision to leave their children financially set, I am concerned about the example we set for the generations coming after us. Have we taught them the basics of morals and ethics? Have we modeled the importance of treating family, friends, acquaintances or complete strangers with respect and kindness? Are we willing to pour into the lives of others what has been freely given to us?

When my mom passed away, she did not leave me a financial legacy, but I am extremely grateful for the things she taught me and the example she set as a great mother, a devout Christian and that of an elegant woman who carried herself with dignity and grace. Her legacy and teachings remain the foundation of who I am and what I have become. This example of legacy is extremely meaningful in my life. (In some other post, I will share more stories of my mom and amazing grandmother, but let’s just say that I came by my personality and traits honestly.) It would be impossible to enumerate all the things my ancestors left me, but take my word for it, they equipped me for life, they prepared me for this journey and they instilled in me a desire to reach high, dream big, be my best, inspire others, make a difference. Their legacies live on in me and in multiple generations.

Have you given thought to the influence you have in another person’s life? You were placed on this earth to fulfill a purpose. I believe we should take that commission seriously and spread positivity. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate tribute if others were able to say that their lives were changed for the good because of their interaction with you? Please give some serious thought to your legacy, the influence you have on others. Be an encourager, an inspiration. Exhort others to do good and climb to their greatest potential. Share wise counsel. Do me a favor. Give this some thought and be prepared to strengthen the legacy you leave behind