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In a world gone awry with the power of miscommunication, there is truly only one word to describe the work, world, and life of Rhonda Geddis. Incredible! A woman endowed with an array of gifts destined to positively impact the lives of multitudes, Ms. Geddis walks unafraid into the corridors where decisions she helps mould change lives.

As a business consultant, Ms. Geddis brings a wealth of experience to help clients lay strong foundations in the arenas of employee services, corporate design and growth potential. Whether you are a mailroom clerk or a corporate executive, Rhonda has the capacity to elicit ideas some simply define as dreams and help the client give birth to monumental changes by taking a road less traveled. Her personal experience as a corporate executive has afforded her a global perspective replete with ideas related to the incalculable value of ethical behavior and definitive design.

On a personal level, Ms. Geddis’ greatest strength is her ability to view our lives as would a renowned tapestry artist. While gathering the threads to be used to complete the masterpiece, Rhonda digs deeply into the troves of our lives to discover talents often discarded or dreams that lie shattered. As a client, I vividly recall her attempts to help me cast aside a weight that had tormented me for more than two decades. Like so many others, I had determined that weight was an asset, a badge of honor, if you will. Undeterred by neither my tears or fears, Ms. Geddis led me to the place where I could see that those threads had no place in the final tapestry of my life. Today, I walk as one afforded a second opportunity to live life to the fullest because of one incredible woman who cares deeply enough to walk with us through the storms of life.

As founder of Rose Brooke Academy, I can offer no stronger endorsement than to say that Ms. Geddis is a consummate professional devoted to one cause. She is changing the world, one client at a time. It is my distinct privilege to be numbered among those now following her lead.

Incredible she is!

—Sharron M.

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