Time To Shift Gears – Part Two


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Rhonda Geddis
This follow up webinar goes into depth on the process deploying a successful mindset shift strategy in your personal and professional life and what this means as you move to your next level in life and find your purpose.

  • What you will gain from attending Part 2 of this webinar?
  • Where do you start with a mindset shift?
  • How do you make a mindset shift happen personally and professionally?
  • How do you create your next level of living?
  • Using the workbook created specifically for this workshop, you will start to craft the strategy and vision of what it means to live out your purpose and find your calling
  • Identifying and creating a plan for self-improvement

Who would benefit from this webinar?

  • Those who are ready to pursue their true purpose and calling in life
  • Those who are ready to take a realistic look at a more concrete career aspirations plan
  • Those who know are ready to embrace something bigger for their lives and need the tools to explore
  • Those who want to leverage life’s experiences for something greater