Who needs an executive or life coach?

We all do. Rarely are we as human beings able to see ourselves as others see us. Especially in our professional and public lives, we need to ensure that we have tools available to explore our best selves and develop into the person we want to become. An executive or life coach can assist in your personal evolution as you transition and become the person who desires help as you emerge.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have used an executive coach as I evolved the various aspects of my journey through what has become a wonderful series of career choices, strategic moves and new aspirations. I want to be that same help in the lives of individuals, families as well as with corporations.

I have chosen to focus my services in the following areas:

  • Articulating and defining corporate and individual missions
  • Developing or expanding strategic vision
  • Building self-esteem and enhancing professional presence
  • Helping you set goals and achieve them
  • Regaining balance between life and work
  • Deploying a corporate Change Management initiative
  • Personality Profiles and
  • Be a strategic partner and trusted advisor
  • Assisting families through the college selection process
  • And so much more….

We all need a sounding board. If you are in transition in your career, are in need of a corporate business advisor or simply want to strategically explore life choice options, I can assist.