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Living for the Likes

In this age driven by social media, we have gone back to grade school and seem obsessed with popularity. While amassing followers on the various forms of social media can drive business, raise awareness, promote important causes and even increase revenue don’t let the “like” button drive your behavior or cause you to compromise your… 

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Dream Big

As we enter this new year of 2015, I cannot share nor stress enough that this is your time to dream BIG. There really are no limits nor boundaries, unless you placed a hedge around your own growth and abilities. The limits you believe you see are imposed on your life by you. Take the… 

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Who needs an executive or life coach?

We all do. Rarely are we as human beings able to see ourselves as others see us. Especially in our professional and public lives, we need to ensure that we have tools available to explore our best selves and develop into the person we want to become. An executive or life coach can assist in… 

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